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With industrial advancements taking place at an exponential rate, companies are ready to explore the boundaries of trade and commerce by reaching out to customers overseas. Satisfying all the sustainable factors of a business such as marketing, revenue generation, growth, and brand recognition, Internationalization provides a global dimension to today’s firms which is a much-needed aspect in the current commercial scenario. Supporting the firms in their international operations are International Corporate Consultants who are creating a domain of recognition for its services out of the country. Facilitating the exposure of products in an international market, proposing solutions to survive the competition abroad, strategic decisions, and processing costs of the products, the international corporate consultants have emerged out as one solution for the global voyage of the company.

Decorated with highly accomplished and experienced professionals such as lawyers, corporate advisors, accountants, real estate agents, and sales advisors it systematizes the business to face the foreign market at a highly competitive level. Not only it compares the rules and laws necessary for business from the different global dimensions but it also prepares an organization to approach the international market fully geared up with the right skills and expertise. Considered as a colossal industry of $250 billion, this industry is exploring new horizons with more than 700,000 firms providing consulting services to the firm globally. Distinguished by the immaculate growth rate of success, with an increasing number of industry players, the international corporate consultant industry is improving efficiency in accepting technological advancements and innovative inventiveness to extend a new range of services.

In this edition of Consultants Review, after a vigilant analysis of current market circumstances, we have prepared the list of ‘10 Most Promising International Corporate Consultants - 2020’ which will be beneficial for the organizations in the need of international expeditions. Exclusively selected by the intellectual individuals with adeptness in this domain, this list expects to prove advantageous for the organizations in the long run.